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Sadly, Sailor Moon has ended, but this page will continue! Why? Because I like the Animates! So, without further delay, here they are!

Sailor Iron Mouse was the first(and IMO best) of the Animates to show up on earth. She lasted about nine episodes, but was sadly erased by Galaxia for failing too many times(Never mind that Iron Mouse learned of Star Fighter's true identity. Real smooth, Galaxia!).

On earth, Iron Mouse disguised herself as Nezu Chuuko, a TV producer in her search for starseeds.

Next came Sailor Lead Crow & Sailor Aluminum Siren. Siren(aka Aya Reiko) was supposedly the main rival of Lead Crow(aka Karasuma Akane), but the two ended pretty much friends from what I've seen. Siren lasted about seven episodes, getting erased after a failed attempt to get Usagi's star seed. Once again, Galaxia proves her stupidty, because Siren knew who had the star seed Galaxia needed, but instead ol' chandlier head listens to Animate who suggests that Siren was lying.

The mysterious Animate turned out to be Sailor Tin Nyanko. Lead Crow ends up being forced to work with Nyanko. Crow finds Siren's secret diary and learns who has the starseed Galaxia needs. Crow fights against all the all senshi, and forces Moon to hand over her starseed. But Nyanko shoots Crow, making her drop a black hole bomb she was carrying, and Crow gets sucked in! This made Crow the longest lasting Animate, surviving a whopping ELEVEN episodes! Go Crow!

Now the only the Animate left, Sailor Tin Nyanko tries to grab Moon's star seed, but is stopped by Chibi Chibi. Yes, Nyanko(As far as I know, she doesn't have a disguise on earth, but she does wear a school uniform in one episode to sneak into Usagi's school) was stopped by a LITTLE KID!! This should give an idea how powerful she is! Then Nyanko attacks Usagi at her school, but ends getting hit by Sailor Moon's Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss thing, shattering one of Nyanko's bracelets!

Her last episode was kinda sad because her memory of being a sailor senshi had started to return then chandlier head shows and takes her last bracelet. Thus Nyanko gets erased, leaving Galaxia to do her own dirty work....

And, of course, she fails too!

NameCutenessPower# of episodes
Iron Mouse539 episodes
Aluminum Siren347 episodes
Lead Crow
2(She looks like
Darien in drag to me)
511 episodes
Tin Nyanko42(She let a kid keep
her from the crystal)
7 episodes
Galaxia1(Chandliers are NOT
I'm not even bothering.
It's too high
39(?) episodes

All in all Iron Mouse wins, hands down. She may not be the most powerful, but she shines in the cuteness department!

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